Itinerant Music Lessons


Volleyball Nationals


School Camp


Volleyball Nationals (2 children)


Soccer Registration


Flute Lessons$619Outdoor Education$80.00Biology Trip (2 children)$440Outdoor Education (3 children)$240School Uniform & School Fees (2 children)$750Touch Rugby National Tournament$300School Camp$185Guitar & Karate Lessons$953Sports Wheelchair$6000School Fees, Books & Music Equipment$1000Learning Disability Assessment$450School Camp$560National Robotics Competition$745National Hockey Tournament$1300School Camp (Wellington)$525South Island Netball Tournament$500Barbershop Nationals$400U10 Kiwi Rugby League Tournament$500Senior Chorale Performance$500School Swimming Lessons$1200School Programmes & Activities$440Samoan Language Speech Competition$218Aims Games (Football & Cross Country)$500NZ Secondary School Cross Country Australian Champs$1000YMCA Basketball Fees$85School Camp$240Orthodontist Treatment$1000SPELD Lessons $777 Netball Registration & Uniform$220 Soccer Registration & Boots$640 Swimming Lessons$600 School Camp & Technology Fees$256Extension Math, Music Lessons & PE Gear$179School Camp Fees$175Swimming Lessons (4 terms)$552Reading Glasses (2 children)$488School Camp Fees (2 children)$400Science Camp$500Dance Tour To Los Angeles$500Australian State Swimming Championship$550Football Tournament$475Hip Hop Competition$300South Island Secondary Schools Netball Tournament$500Flute & Archery Lessons$550Hockey Registration$295Hip Hop Championship$510Canterbury Tri Squad Swimming$395Physical Therapy$580Flute & Archery Lessons$179U21 Tag Football Nationals$900SPELD Lessons & Assessment$1200Helen O'Grady Drama Academy$550School Camp $500Summer Village Camp$300U13 Basketball Trip To Australia$600Dance Lessons$460World Age Trampoline Championships$330School Production (Casebrook School)$1000YMCA Basketball Team Entry Fees$300Rugby League Costs$350